Velveteen Dream Arrest Footage Released (VIDEO)

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A video has been released showing when former WWE superstar Velveteen Dream was arrested.

In August 2022, former WWE NXT superstar Velveteen Dream (real name Patrick Clark) was arrested twice. One of the arrests was for drug paraphernalia charges related to an out-of-county warrant.

Clark was previously arrested on August 20th on more serious charges of First Degree Battery, a misdemeanour, and First Degree Trespassing On Property After Warning, which is also a misdemeanour.

In an arrest video obtained by TMZ Sports, it came after Clark was arrested for punching and biting a gym employee. Clark was placed in handcuffs and went into the police vehicle. Clark also asked for his cell phone, so he was told that it was being brought with him. As he continued, Clark claimed that the police officer never read him his Miranda Rights and told the cup that he “f**ked up.”

During the video, Clark was was also heard saying that he “works for the WWE” even though his run as Velveteen Dream ended about 15 months before this incident took place.

Clark’s WWE career that started after he was disovered on the 2015 season of Tough Enough. Velveteen Dream was a former NXT North American Champion. Clark was released by WWE in May 2021 after sexual harassment allegations from minors who claimed Clark sent them unsolicited explicit photos. Clark is 27 years old.