Val Venis Reveals Wrestler Who Declined To Lose Against Him

Val Venis Reveals Wrestler Who Declined To Lose Against Him

Former WWE Superstar Val Venis recently shared a surprising and revealing story about a training match he had.

During an episode of the Wrestling Shoot Interviews podcast, which Val Venis appeared on previously where he discussed who was bullied most in WWE, Venis recounted how he was part of a WWE training camp before making his appearance on WWE TV. In this camp, he was asked to wrestle an eight-minute training match with Ahmed Johnson.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Johnson refused to lose to Venis. Johnson believed that losing to Venis would make him look bad since he had already appeared on WWE TV. The incident took place in the presence of Pat Patterson.

But Pat Patterson was there and they said, ‘Okay, it’s gonna be Shawn and Ahmed Johnson.’ He said, ‘Give me eight minutes’ or something like that. And Pat Patterson pointed me he goes, ‘You’re up’ and pointed to Ahmed and said, ‘You’re down, give me eight minutes.’

Patterson, after speaking privately with Johnson, informed Venis about Johnson’s refusal to lose to him.

And Ahmed Johnson put his arm around Pat Patterson and kind of walked off a little bit. And a few minutes later, Pat Patterson comes up and he goes ‘He doesn’t think it’s a good idea that you should hit him with a splash and beat him. Because you haven’t had any WWF TV.’

What Was Val Venis’ Reaction To Ahmed Johnson Not Wanting To Lose To Him?

Val Venis expressed his disbelief, considering that the match was not being televised, recorded, or performed in front of a live crowd. He couldn’t understand why Johnson objected to losing in a simple training match. Venis recalled the moment, stating:

We’re in a friggin television studio performing for you. I mean, there’s no fans there. It’s not like it’s getting recorded. It’s literally just a show, right?

Despite Johnson’s objections, Val Venis ultimately emerged victorious in the training match. Venis expressed his surprise and disbelief over the situation, finding it ridiculous that Johnson refused to lose in a training match.

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