Val Venis Reveals Which Wrestler Made Him Uncomfortable

Val Venis Reveals Which Wrestler Made Him Uncomfortable

Former WWE Superstar Val Venis opened up about his interactions with Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Val Venis, who had the opportunity to interact with Austin during his early WWE career, revealed that he found the Texas Rattlesnake to be slightly paranoid and standoffish. During an interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Venis shared that he would often try to approach Austin in hopes of gaining insights and advice. However, he found Austin to be defensive and guarded.

I would try to go to Austin every once in a while, because let’s face it, that guy had a connection with the fans, that was unbelievable. And so I tried to pick his brain a few times, but Austin always seemed standoffish, very defensive. I never really got a whole lot out of Austin.

Despite this, Venis acknowledged Austin’s strong connection with the fans and his huge popularity within the industry. He spoke about his and Austin’s shared love for old-school wrestling.

Austin loved to talk about old-school wrestling, which I’m a huge fan of old-school wrestling. But while he’s telling you different stories about old-school, wrestling, and different things you can do,

However, Venis couldn’t help but feel that Austin’s protective attitude towards his position in the company made him somewhat paranoid and uncomfortable to approach. While Austin would occasionally share stories and knowledge about old-school wrestling, Venis always sensed a level of caution and wariness in their interactions.

the whole time you just feel like he’s very standoffish he’s very protective of his current position at that point in time, which is completely understandable, but a little bit paranoid I think. And I think that made it uncomfortable for me to approach him on a regular basis.

Which Wrestler Does Val Venis Think Was Bullied Most?

Val Venis spoke in a different interview about how Essa Rios was bullied the most while he was with the WWE. Venis said that he felt bad for Rios and he would get pushed around by older wrestlers.

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