Update On Kevin Dunn’s Status With WWE

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Kevin Dunn is still working for WWE although his absence at a recent major show is interesting.

During most of Vince McMahon’s time running over the last 40 years, Kevin Dunn was considered a right-hand man.

Dunn’s career in WWE saw him start from near the bottom as a studio producer in the 1980s until he was put in a position of power, eventually as a Television Producer. In 1993, Dunn was named Executive Producer of all WWE programming. That’s a position that held a lot of power. Since 2003, Dunne was WWE’s Executive Vice President of Television Production and joined WWE’s Board of Directors in 2008.

Since Vince McMahon retired from his Chairman and CEO position in WWE in July 2022, it meant that Triple H took over as Chief Content Officer with his choice of who will be working closely with him. There have been questions about what Dunn’s role would be going forward.

In an update, Fightful Select reports that Kevin Dunn is still with WWE. The report also noted that Dunn wasn’t at the WWE Survivor Series Premium Live Event in Boston, but Dunn remains with the company. While Fightful has asked, they haven’t heard of any plans for him to not be in WWE soon.

A lot of current WWE fans blame Dunn for certain things during the company’s televised events such as shaky cameras as well as far too many camera cuts. There was also a report in the past that Dunn didn’t like people with certain accents, even if they were major stars like Becky Lynch with an Irish accent, but obviously, Lynch has done well as one of the company’s biggest stars.

For now, it appears as though Kevin Dunn is still a part of WWE although missing a major show like Survivor Series could be a sign that he has a lot less power than he used to.