Update On Names Behind Wyatt 6 Characters

The Fiend Bo Dallas Taylor Rotunda of The Wyatt 6 stands in the crowd at WWE Extreme Rules 2022

With Bray Wyatt back in WWE, it appears The Wyatt 6 is indeed going to become a real faction – but who’s behind the masks?

Bray Wyatt returned to WWE at the conclusion of Extreme Rules, but he didn’t come alone.

The one-time WWE Champion returned as his real self, though around ringside stood numerous references to his past; namely performers dressed as The Fiend and several Firefly Fun House characters. Dave Meltzer wrote in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter that the identity of these characters should become known soon:

“There is all kinds of speculation regarding the identities of the Wyatt 6 group. There is also said to be a long-term plan for the group up to WrestleMania. There have been teased hints of Joe Gacy as Huskus, Grayson Waller as Mercy the Buzzard and Alexa Bliss as Sister Abigail between social media for the first two and a teased photo of Abigail with both the Raw and Smackdown women’s belts, which Bliss has held.

The Mercy character also greatly resembled Waller with a shirt that he had worn on television and same height and build. Plus, for weeks, the announcers have done teases about Bliss not being where she used to be. There was also a Liv Morgan tease for that spot. Ramblin Rabbit has had the obvious rumors of Erick Rowan although those are just rumors at this point because Rowan was formerly with the group. The Fiend rumors are for Taylor Rotunda, Wyatt’s younger brother, the former Bo Dallas. It should become obvious within a week.

Others internally have said some of those are believed to be accurate but said things are up in the air, mentioning others could be part of it, mentioning The Dyad in particular are possible, and other names listed are not sure things. While obviously this won’t happen, there was talk of Aleister Black for this group.”

Talks of a Wyatt 6 faction grew significantly following Extreme Rules, given the involvement of these characters. Thus far, Joe Gacy has been the only outright tease made by WWE themselves, with some code spelling out ‘GACY’ during one of the last few QR codes released before Wyatt’s blockbuster return in Philadelphia.

‘The Eater of Worlds’ is currently scheduled for tonight’s (14 October) Friday Night SmackDown, though it’s unknown if he’ll be alone or if The Wyatt 6 will be following close behind him.