Uncertainty Continues To Surround Kenny Omega’s Recovery

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega remains out of action.

Back in December, it was revealed that Kenny Omega will miss several months of action after being diagnosed with diverticulitis. The former World Champion had been in pain for several weeks but initially didn’t realise the severity of his situation.

To date, the central theme around Omega’s recovery has been “wait and see” as each person’s battle with the condition is unique. Earlier in March, Omega confirmed he might need surgery, but no concrete decision had been taken.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer said there’s still no word on whether Omega will require surgery.

The update on Kenny Omega is basically no real update. A decision still hasn’t been made if he will undergo surgery for his Diverticulitis. If he has that surgery, it’ll be a couple of months after the surgery before he’d be able to return.

Kenny Omega Says Recovery Has Been “Touch And Go”

Speaking on his Twitch Stream, Kenny Omega described his recovery as “touch and go,” before admitting he’d recently suffered a “roadblock.” The former AEW World Champion said he was still training as he wanted to be ready whenever he’s cleared to return to wrestling.

However, Omega didn’t put a timeline on his comeback as the situation is far too fluid.