Two WWE Stars Hosting Paranormal Series

The Undertaker confronts druids during Last Ride match

With Halloween just around the corner, two WWE stars are launching a spooky new YouTube series.

In the past, WWE has featured its fair share of paranormal characters, from The Undertaker and Kane, to The Fiend and more. However, Scarlett Bordeaux announced on social media that she will be hosting ‘Chamber of Horrors’ alongside Shotzi, which will investigate real-life spooky goings on.

The pair have been visiting haunted locations over the past year for the show, which launches on September 20th, and they’re ready to reveal the results.

“Do you believe in ghosts? You will.

“For the last year, we’ve been investigating the most haunted locations, and now we can’t wait to show you some of our favorites…

“Get in the spirit on September 20th for our new paranormal series Chamber of Horrors!”

Scarlett Bordeaux reveals what fans can expect from ‘Chamber of Horrors’

Bordeaux gave away a few more details in response to fans, revealing that she and Shotzi have been using “every piece of equipment you could’ve possibly seen on a ghost show.”

She also confirmed that one of the places the duo visited was the infamous Pennhurst Asylum which is located in Spring City, Pennsylvania. Formerly an institution for mentally and physically disabled people, the asylum closed in December 1987.

Since then, it has been a hotspot for ghosthunters, with former patients who suffered in the institutions said to still haunt its halls to this day. Among other things, there have been reports of doors slamming by themselves as well as the sounds of footsteps crying from empty rooms. There are even witnesses who claim to have seen the ghost of a small girl roaming the property.

Whether Scarlett Bordeaux and Shotzi witnessed any of these paranormal incidents remains to be seen.