Shotzi Shaved Her Head For Incredible Personal Reason

shotzi wwe shaved head

Shotzi shaved her head in a video that aired on WWE Smackdown and there’s a very personal reason why she did it.

On the June 30th edition of WWE Smackdown, there was a backstage segment where Shotzi confronted Bayley and IYO SKY of the Damage CTRL group. It didn’t turn out well for Shotzi because she was beaten up and Bayley decided to cut some of Shotzi’s green-colored hair.

Bayley picked up a victory over Zelina Vega on last night’s Smackdown in Raleigh in about two minutes. After the match, Shotzi appeared in a video.

Shotzi was alone in a darkened bathroom as she spoke to the camera and used a hair clipper to shave her head. Here’s what Shotzi said in her promo.

“When Bayley held me down and cut my hair… I mean Bayley, you probably thought cutting my hair would intimidate me, scare me. You probably think you have some sort of control over me.

Do I look scared to you? Do I look like someone you can control? Do I?! [Screams]

Maybe I am a little weird, but I’m also in control. Not you Bayley. I’m in control! I’m in control! And that’s what’s so great about being a little strange, I own it. I hold the power. Some people fear change, but I invite it. And I want to show you just how chaotic I really am. [Laughs manically]”

After watching the video, Bayley looked shaken and perhaps a bit scared of what was going to happen when her rival comes for revenge.

There’s a very personal reason why Shotzi decided to shave her head. It was revealed that Shotzi changed her appearance to support her sister Shawnee (or Shawn), who is undergoing treatment for liver cancer. The colorful WWE Superstar also wrote on her Instagram Stories “I love you sister! You are my inspiration!”

There is also a GoFundMe page set up for Shawn here where you can donate to help Shawnee in her recovery. Some notable WWE superstars that have donated include Cody Rhodes, Liv Morgan, Natalya, and others.

Check out Shotzi’s Smackdown promo below.

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