Two WWE Hall Of Famers Set For TV Return

WWE 30 Years of Raw

A new report has revealed that two WWE Hall of Famers are set to make their return to television as part of the 30th anniversary of Monday Night Raw.

WWE’s flagship show kicked off back on January 11th, 1993 as the company moved on from its previous long-standing Prime Time Wrestling show.

Over the years Raw has become the cornerstone of WWE’s programming and on the 23rd of January in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the company will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the show.

Ric Flair has previously revealed that he has been invited to the festivities and has even suggested that he wants Vince McMahon to make what would be a startling return to television for McMahon just a few weeks after he returned to the company as Executive Chairman.

Now PWInsider has reported that two other WWE Hall of Famers are scheduled to also be in attendance, with Kane (Glenn Jacobs) and X-Pac (Sean Waltman) slated for the show.

Kane and X-Pac were major parts of Raw, stretching back to the early days of the show. While competing as The Kid, Waltman caused one of the early shocks on the show as he defeated Razor Ramon in a massive upset. Waltman caused a sensation on the show once again in 1998 when he returned from WCW to join Triple H and DX, launching a verbal assault on Eric Bischoff and his former company.