Trish Stratus Names Her Favourite Match

Trish Stratus cuts a promo.

Trish Status has fond memories of one particular match.

After stepping away from being a valet and into being a wrestler in her own right in the early 2000s, Trish Stratus helped break down barriers at every turn. By the time she ended her full-time career in 2006, Stratus had built herself into a legend, but there was more to come.

Following the occasional match over the next 17 years, Stratus returned for a full-time run from February 2023 until September. The centerpiece of her comeback was a shock heel turn and feud with Becky Lynch that ended with a Cage Match at Payback.

Appearing on the Gorilla Position Podcast, Stratus said her final match against Lynch was her favourite.

“It’s funny because I was just at a signing this weekend and I [always] get asked what’s your favourite match. I’ve had so many matches that are special for so many reasons that I kind of go into a little blurb about it. But now I’m just like ‘Cage match,’ Like hands down my favourite and for so many reasons.”

Continuing on, Stratus explained that it wasn’t just the match itself that made it stand out, but what it signified.

“Just what it represented. The fact that I could go back this many years later and not only hang with the current crop that sort of thing. But it was more about doing something that I was not able to do. The opportunity was not there for us females back in the day.

So to be able to do something that I was not able to was really special. Then just to be able to pull off such an epic match, you know, generational face off with me and Becky Lynch. The best of this generation [and] the best, arguably I’ve heard, of my generation. It was very special.”

With regard to the Cage Match at Payback, it’s not only Stratus who looks back at the clash fondly. Speaking earlier in January, Becky Lynch said that she was proud of the match, and it stands as one of her career favourites.

Trish Stratus Open To WWE Comeback

During an interview earlier in 2024, Trish Stratus admitted she could return to the ring one more time. The WWE Hall of Famer said if the right opportunity comes up and she feels she’s still capable of putting on a good match, she’d be more than happy to lace up her boots one more time.

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