Trish Stratus Tells Liv Morgan – “You Embody Everything We Worked To Do”

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Trish Stratus had some complimentary things to say to WWE’s Liv Morgan recently while bringing it back full circle to what Trish tried to do in her career.

When Trish Stratus started her WWE career in early 2000, there wasn’t much of a women’s division. In the years that followed, the “divas” (the trademarked term that WWE used for their women at the time) were able to build the division although they rarely got a lot of time in their TV and pay-per-view matches.

Things changed for the better around 2015 when the WWE NXT women’s division was thriving for a few years, which to more high-profile and longer women’s matches. Unfortunately for Trish, she retired as a full-timer in 2006, so she wasn’t around for the “evolution” (or revolution) of the women’s division.

There have been some great moments for Trish with the current crop of female stars in WWE including a Royal Rumble appearance, tagging with best friend Lita at the Evolution 2018 all-women pay-per-view and an outstanding match with Charlotte Flair at SummerSlam 2019 in Trish’s hometown of Toronto as well.

There is more on the horizon for Stratus in WWE since she’s going to wrestle at WrestleMania 39 in a six-woman tag team match and is rumored for a larger role in the company, including a potential heel turn leading to a feud with Becky Lynch as well.

During an appearance on WWE’s The Bump, Trish Stratus was a guest at her home while Lita and Liv Morgan were in the studio. Clearly, Trish is proud of what the former Smackdown Women’s Champion Liv Morgan has accomplished in her career so far.

“I think Liv – I mean, gosh, you embody everything that we worked to do. You went out there with the hard work, the dedication, the passion, following your dreams, and really just doing it. I loved watching your journey. I’m still sitting here so pleasantly surprised, not that it finally happened, but it was something like you stated, and you said that when you were a kid, that’s what you wanted to do.”

Trish Stratus also had some simple advice for Morgan, who is coming off a career year in 2022.

“The advice would just be to stick with what you’re doing.”

H/T WrestlingInc