Triple H Warned Two Top WWE Stars That The Locker Room Wanted To ‘Bury’ Them

Triple H

Back in 2003, Paul “Triple H” Levesque joined up with the legendary Evolution stable. The faction featured himself and Ric Flair as the veterans, while Randy Orton and Batista were the rising stars of the four-man group.

An episode of WWE Network’s “Ruthless Aggression” aired back in 2020 that was focused on Evolution, going over the beginning of the group, their dominant two-year run and the break-up of the stable. Triple H was frequent throughout the show, who knew from the get-go that both of the careers of Orton and Batista were going to drastically change.

Now the Chief Content Officer of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Triple H stated in the show that the other wrestlers backstage wanted to “bury” his younger faction mates because of their rising star.

“‘Dave [Batista], Randy, listen, let me talk to you guys. I pulled them in a room and I said, ‘So you are about to hit the hate button from everybody.’ Every single person in this room, they’re going to tell you, ‘Why, man, this is a great opportunity,’ and they’re going to bury you. All of a sudden, everybody you thought was your friend, you’re going to find out they’re not your friends.”