Triple H Calls Vince McMahon “Tremendous Asset” To WWE

Vince McMahon Triple H

Triple H still has nice things to say about Vince McMahon, despite all the controversy.

Vince McMahon’s return to WWE after only being gone for six months has led to plenty of concern. However, according to several reports and official statements from the company, this isn’t the same Vince as before, per se.

Vince’s role in 2023 is greatly reduced from what he did prior to his initial departure in July 2022. Since he has nothing to do with WWE’s creative, his routine is greatly reduced. He doesn’t attend long creative meetings, nor does he visit backstage during WWE’s shows.

And yet, he still has a presence in the company, even as he juggles trying to leverage a potential sale and dealing with multiple lawsuits.

But despite all of that, Triple H praised Vince McMahon for being so useful to the company. During a conference call discussing WWE’s fourth quarter earnings, Triple H specifically lauded Vince McMahon for his insight, regardless of whether or not it relates to professional wrestling specifically.

“Having Vince around has been great. I will tell you this, it has allowed me, and allow me to speak for our entire creative team, but we’re standing on the shoulders of giants.

So having him back and involved, even at just the board level, comes with his incredible insight, and he is a tremendous asset to this company.

This is the best time of the year. We’ve kicked off the road to WrestleMania. It’s an amazing moment for WWE, and I look forward to continuing to build the business alongside this leadership team for the long term.”

Given all that’s happened and is happening surrounding Vince McMahon, things could still change at any moment. As a result, WWE CEO Nick Khan has given shareholders his word that Vince McMahon would indeed leave WWE for good if doing so would improve the company’s success with a sale.

h/t Fightful for the transcription