Triple H Praised For Turning Away From Vince McMahon’s WWE Rules

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Triple H has been praised for having an open mind, which is something that Vince McMahon wasn’t known for.

Cody Rhodes worked for WWE for a decade as a young man in his early 20s until he left the company in 2016. That entire run in WWE saw Cody work for former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, who ran the show in those years.

When Cody came back to WWE in early 2022, it was a meeting with Vince McMahon and WWE’s Executive Director Bruce Prichard that convinced Cody to return to the company after spending three years in All Elite Wrestling.

Two years later at WrestleMania 40, Cody Rhodes became the WWE Champion for the first time except this time, it was the Triple H show with Vince McMahon no longer a part of the company he spent building for over 40 years. It’s Paul “Triple H” Levesque who is WWE’s Chief Content Officer and the man who decided it was time for Cody Rhodes to lead the company.

During an appearance on Behind The Turnbuckle with Jonathan Coachman, Cody Rhodes spoke openly about how Triple H having an open mind shows what kind of boss he is.

“Have an open mind. A lot of the luminaries, legends, old-timers, when they mix with the modern locker room, the mistake is made of, ‘this is the only way it’s meant to be done. These are the rules. They are rigid, they are firm.’ You’ve seen this generation coming up of Gen Z. We see a lot of it at the Nightmare Factory. That doesn’t work.”

“That type of motivation doesn’t work. ‘I did it all and I was at the top of my game so you have to listen to everything I’m saying.’ I’ve noticed talent, especially younger talent, are more independent-minded than they’ve ever been. They’re more strong-willed than they’ve ever been about what they can do. If you’re one of these guys coming in, having an open mind is the greatest thing ever.”

“Triple H being the pime example. He could have easily taken (Killer) Kowalski’s rules, ‘this is how it’s done and how we do it.’ Vince’s (McMahon) rules, ‘this is how it’s done and how we do it.’ Instead, having an open mind. Those rules will always be there. The classic things like less is more. That stuff will always be there for us to look back and say, ‘that’s why they worked. We should continue to apply them.'”

“That’s the number one thing I like when I see a veteran talent, when they have an open mind and are willing to have fun. It’s a goofy industry. There are serious angles and life and death. In my case, there have been so many things that are real to me.”

“Also, this is fun and this is a family show and entertainment. Generationally, fathers and sons. Mothers and daughters. To be open to, there are a bazillion ways to do this, as long as the crowds are coming and making noise, there are a lot of ways to do it. Having an open mind is huge.”

Triple H Calls WWE “A Movie About A Sport”

During a recent interview, Triple H spoke about how he views the WWE product.

“Our fanbase is so ravenous for (content). There is nothing else that episodically airs. I say this a lot; we’re not a sport. We’re a movie about a sport or a TV show about a sport. The interest of all the other things happening are just as great as what happens in the ring.”

“People are so interested, in not only those storylines, but who are the real people behind those storylines? The drama behind it. If you’re younger or want to buy into it that much, the drama of the storylines.”

Up next for Triple H, Cody Rhodes and WWE is a big episode of Smackdown from Madison Square Garden on June 28th as the company looks to follow up on Jacob Fatu’s debut one week earlier.

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