Triple H To Make Major Announcement

Triple H WWE

WWE has teased a “major announcement” from Triple H.

During the January 1st episode of Raw, WWE promoted its Preview Special 2024 airing on January 4th on Peacock at 8pm ET. The show is part of WWE’s New Year’s Knockout Week programming looking back on 2023 as well as forward into 2024.

While no details were given, it was revealed that Triple H will make a “major announcement” on the show. The promotional graphic also featured CM Punk, Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, Montez Ford, and Ilja Dragunov.

Triple H And WWE Looking To Add To Roster

The speculation around Triple H’s announcement has already kicked into overdrive, with any number of topics on the table. On January 1st, The Rock returned to WWE and teased a clash with Roman Reigns, sparking the unlikely scenario that The Game’s announcement could be linked to that blockbuster moment in some way.

It’s also expected that Andrade El Idolo could return to WWE, with Tony Khan recently confirming that the star has left AEW. There were rumours that Andrade could feature on January 1st, but he remained absent. Meanwhile, WWE is also expected to land Giulia, but that will be a deal for later in 2024.

Despite the positives, it seems WWE is set to miss out on Mercedes Mone after it was reported that talks between the two sides had collapsed.