Triple H Risks WWE Roster’s Trust With CM Punk Deal

Triple H CM Punk

Triple H may have taken his biggest gamble yet by bringing CM Punk back to WWE and keeping the majority of those in the company in the dark about it.

CM Punk shocked the world when he returned to WWE at Survivor Series, making his grand entrance after the men’s WarGames main event. Only nine of the competitors were still at ringside to witness Punk’s arrival as Drew McIntyre stormed away from the ring and out of the arena as soon as the match was done. Reports have suggested the WarGames participants were informed just before going out for their match that Punk would be appearing at the end of the show.

CM Punk was infamously fired by AEW following a backstage altercation at All In with Jack Perry, which was not Punk’s first in the company. Punk also walked out of WWE in early 2014 having grown frustrated with several facets of the company and was given his release on his wedding day later that year.

Has Triple H Risked The Trust Of WWE Roster With CM Punk Secrecy?

No concrete suggestions that CM Punk was set to return to WWE had been made with Punk’s deal seemingly happening in near total secrecy – something that could be a double-edged sword for Triple H.

Fightful Select reported that one top star had noted that while they understood the surprise element of Punk’s return, they also felt Triple H ran the risk of losing trust among many that he kept the secret from. Ultimately, should Punk’s return prove to be a financial success for the company and those that the former WWE and AEW Champion goes up against, all will likely be well.