Triple H Reacts To Innovative Finishing Move In NXT (VIDEO)

sol ruca nxt level up

A new finishing move in NXT got a lot of attention, including a supportive reply from WWE’s boss Triple H.

As the WWE Chief Content Officer, a role he assumed following Vince McMahon’s retirement in July, Paul “Triple H” Levesque oversees the creative direction of Raw & Smackdown as well as the entire WWE talent roster. Triple H’s best friend Shawn Michaels is the WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative that’s in charge of the NXT brand.

While NXT airs on Tuesday nights featuring many of WWE’s biggest future stars, the show NXT Level Up airs on Friday nights on Peacock and WWE Network. NXT Level Up gives some superstars a chance to get experience working in front of the fans and try some new moves occasionally as well.

Sol Ruca is relatively new on NXT television with only a few matches under her belt. At 23 years old, the talented former Acrobatic and Tumbling team athlete from the University of Oregon has been profiled as somebody that loves working out, she’s very athletic and loves going to the beach. Sol made her NXT TV debut on September 27th when she beat Amari Miller in a match.

A move by Sol was shared on WWE’s social media after NXT Level Up and it has picked up a lot of steam as a viral clip.

During a match between Sol and Valentina Feroz on Level Up, Sol went to the middle rope and jumped backward almost like she was doing a Vader Bomb splash. Instead, she flipped all the way over to her back while hitting a Cutter on Feroz, who sold it like she was out. Basically, it’s like doing an RKO or Cutter off the middle rope, but doing a complete flip before hitting the move. It’s a very athletic move.

Triple H did a quote tweet about it writing: “Future is SO bright.” You can see the clip below.