Shawn Michaels Discusses Triple H’s Current Influence On NXT

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Shawn Michaels has provided some clarity on if Triple H has a lot of influence on what happens on WWE’s NXT brand.

As the WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels has a lot of say in what happens on NXT television as well as the NXT Premium Live Events like Deadline on December 10th. Shawn is considered the booker of the show, which means he’s the boss.

Shawn’s best friend Paul “Triple H” Levesque is the man that Shawn started D-Generation X with 25 years ago. Both men would go on to have legendary WWE careers that saw them two of the biggest stars in wrestling history.

While Michaels runs NXT, Triple H is in charge of WWE’s creative direction on the main roster (Raw & Smackdown) as the Chief Content Officer.

Prior to heart surgery in 2021, Triple H was in charge of WWE’s developmental process and the NXT for the previous ten years. It was Triple H’s vision that led to NXT becoming such a popular third brand in WWE. After Vince McMahon retired as WWE Chairman in July 2022, Triple H took over that job and suddenly his life became a lot busier.

During an NXT Deadline media conference call, Michaels talked about how Triple H lets him do what he wants with the NXT brand these days.

“He’s letting me do my thing. We almost never — we finally text the other day and actually, were just talking about that, which was, ‘Hey, I missed’ — we kind of just missed not being able to hang out anymore. That was the great thing about him being here on a regular basis is, there’s a whole friendship thing that you know sort of has to has to take a back seat to all of this.”

“But right now — look, I’m very fortunate he trusts me. So, there’s been almost no communication over the last several weeks. He’s just been so busy, he’s got so much going on. I don’t wanna add any problems to it. I mean, if there was something very urgent I guess that I feel like we need or a question that I need answered, I know that he’ll give me that.”

As he continued, Shawn Michaels was pretty happy with how NXT is going and he feels that everybody in the company is happy with it too.

“Right now, we’re rolling what we feel like is pretty good down here. We understand what they want from us, and from the talent. And so to me, I always feel like no news is good news, and if nobody’s calling me and I’m not bothering them, I feel like everybody is happy with what’s going on.”

The NXT brand led by Shawn Michaels presents NXT Deadline this Saturday, December 10th. TJRWrestling will have full coverage of the event as usual.

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