Triple H Makes Interesting Claim About ‘The Iron Claw’


Triple H had some interesting comments about ‘The Iron Claw.’

On December 22nd, ‘The Iron Claw’ will finally be released in the United States, although fans in the United Kingdom will have to wait until February 9th to see the movie.

The film is based on the real-life story of the Von Erich family, and the so-called “Von Erich curse.”

Appearing on Greg & The Morning Buzz, Triple H was asked about the movie, and whether WWE was involved. During the conversation, The Game revealed that WWE was approached about a promotional collaboration but the company’s schedule made it impossible.

“We did not. They came to us recently, looking to do some promotion with us, and they were trying to screen it for us a few weeks ago and we had an international tour going on and a PLE in Saudi, we couldn’t make it work. I’m excited to see it. I’ve heard it’s very good.

I listen to Michael Hayes complain to me all the time about how they made a movie with him in it and he never signed off on it or agreed to be in the movie. That’s his point of view. It’s an amazing moment in the industry, that whole thing and the fascination of it. For me, I hope they don’t dwell…there is so much positive in our business in so many ways and yet, a lot of times, no different than anything else in life, people to want to focus on negative moments.

It’s a tragedy, the family. I just hope that it’s done well. I heard it is. I heard it’s done in a way that is not negative, not a downer, but just tells you about the perils of that sutff. If it’s done in that manner, I think it’s great. If it’s just a sensationalized hatchet job on a tragedy in a family that could have been surrounding a lot of different businesses, I hope it’s not that,”

AEW star MJF is listed as an Executive Producer on the movie.

Triple H Excited To Work With Endeavor

Speaking earlier in November, Triple H spoke glowingly about WWE’s new deal with Endeavor and merger with UFC. WWE’s Chief Content Officer said that with the partnership now confirmed, the future’s bright, and WWE is set to move to a whole new level.

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