Triple H Excited For WWE To Get To Next Level With Endeavor

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Since the Endeavor takeover of WWE was completed, changes have come thick and fast to the company, and Triple H is excited about what the future holds.

Endeavor officially completed the takeover of WWE in September, merging Vince McMahon’s company under the TKO Group banner with UFC.

Since then it has been revealed that SmackDown is heading to a new network in 2024 and NXT will be moving channels as well as part of a huge shake-up of the company’s broadcast rights in the US.

The biggest change since Endeavor has taken over is by far the sidelining of Vince McMahon in the company. McMahon had been expected to be a big factor for Endeavor but since the takeover, Vince McMahon is out of creative in WWE with Triple H running that side of the company.

Triple H Excited By Endeavor Takeover Of WWE

Speaking to Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated, Triple H has discussed working with Endeavor and explained that he thinks Ari Emanuel’s company can help get WWE to the next level a lot quicker than the promotion could have got there by itself:

I can’t tell you how excited I am. Working with Endeavor, it’s next level. The flywheel for all the things they touch – if you were trying to build that on your own, it’s taking you a decade. For us, now, it fast-tracks everything we’re doing.

Endeavor, UFC, they’re the best in the business at what they do. They put things on a different level of professionalism, and we fit right into that. The future is so bright because of the opportunities Endeavor is going to provide for us and the synergies that are there. We’re going to take this to a whole new level.

Vince McMahon is selling millions of his TKO shares which will reduce his shareholding in the company by almost a third.