Trick Williams Reacts To Shock NXT Title Loss

Trick Williams

Trick Williams is in disbelief following the events that took place on NXT.

Williams proved the doubters wrong at No Mercy by defeating Dominik Mysterio to become the new North American Champion, his first title win in WWE.

Just as it looked like Williams was ready to elevate the championship to new heights, the rug was pulled out from under him as “Dirty” Dom defeated Williams to regain the title for a second time and ending Williams’ North American Championship reign at just 4 days, the shortest in history.

Pretty much speechless at the events that took place, the former champion could only describe his feelings in one word on social media:


How Did Trick Williams Lose The North American Championship

Much like the way Mysterio won the title the first time, the rest of The Judgement Day was instrumental in ensuring the ex-con regained the championship. Damian Priest, Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley were all ringside for the match, frequently distracting the referee and providing weapons for Mysterio to use throughout.

At one point it looked like Mysterio had the match won when he delivered a DDT onto Williams onto Mami’s title, but Williams would survive. The ending of the match came when there were too many distractions for the official to handle as JD McDonagh also came down to ringside. As Mysterio attempted to use Priest’s Money in the Bank briefcase, the referee would snatch it away from Mysterio. This final distraction was enough for Balor to strike Williams with his own championship to allow Mysterio to hit the Frog Splash and win the match.