Top WWE Star Hints At Signficant Change At WrestleMania 40

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One of the biggest names in WWE has hinted at the possibility of some new music debuting when he competes at WrestleMania.

For the past several months, one of the most intense rivalries in all of WWE has seen AJ Styles and LA Knight fighting in buildings at WWE shows as well as at AJ’s house.

On the March 22nd edition of WWE Smackdown, Knight drove up to Styles’ home in Georgia, then Styles heard him outside and they got into a brawl in front of AJ’s house. The cops were eventually called to break it up and arrest Knight for trespassing. Styles didn’t press charges because he will get his revenge when they face off at WrestleMania 40.

That home fighting incident led to Styles calling out Knight on Smackdown. While SD GM Nick Aldis asked Knight to avoid going to the show, Knight didn’t listen and showed up as a disguised security guy. Knight got his hands on Styles, but Styles ran away before there was too much damage done.

While WWE has not specified if the Styles/Knight match will take place on Saturday, April 6th, or Sunday, April 7th at WrestleMania 40, we know it’s going to happen. For Knight, it’s a chance to try to beat a former two-time WWE champion and one of the best wrestlers of the last 25 years. For Styles, he will get to prove that he’s still a top guy even in his late 40s.

AJ Styles Plans To Debut New Theme Music at WrestleMania

Since he made his phenomenal WWE debut at Royal Rumble 2016, Styles has used the “They Don’t Want None” theme song, which many people consider one of the best WWE entrance songs ever.

During a Fanatics Live signing, Styles was promoting a shirt that said: “They Don’t Want None” and suggested that new music was coming due to his new heel persona that sees him portraying a character who doesn’t like anybody.

“You will be surprised come WrestleMania when it comes to music. Not to let the cat out of the bag. It’s big because my music is freaking awesome, but it doesn’t suit the AJ Styles people are seeing at this moment.”

AJ Styles also had an interesting nickname for former WWE boss Vince McMahon, whom he called “The Redacted Name” due to Vince’s well-publicized transgressions that led to him no longer being part of WWE except for holding some TKO Group stock, which he continues to sell. Styles claimed that Vince didn’t even know who he was when Styles joined WWE in 2016 even though Styles was very successful in TNA and NJPW before that.

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