Top WWE Star Breaks Character To Pay Tribute To Rival

Bayley & Shotzi WWE SmackDown. Blur logo

A top WWE star has hailed an unlikely rival as one of the greatest.

WWE’s “Pandemic Era” was a strange period in the company and one that won’t be remembered fondly by many. However, it spawned one of the more surreal and hilarious feuds in WWE for several years.

With the usually packed arenas empty, WWE stars took it upon themselves to inject a spark into the broadcasts. For Bayley, this meant screaming at Michael Cole while he was on commentary, oftentimes for just having the temerity to be there doing his job.

As the weeks passed the former Women’s Championed leaned into her new role as chief Michael Cole tormentor with incredible zeal and remained committed to making his life as difficult as possible for the best part of 18 months.

Appearing on the Under The Ring podcast, Bayley explained that her potshots at Cole came completely off the cuff.

“It was just a weird time. A lot of stuff was on the fly and we kind of just had to fill time. So that a lot of that just came from like, Okay, well it’s awkwardly quiet in here. There’s only one person in this arena and it’s Michael Cole so he’s getting it. It’s just random things like that that make you really think on your feet which is fun.”

The star went on to praise Cole for his work on commentary, describing him as “the greatest.”

“Honestly, he’s the greatest at what he does. He has done this for what, 25 years? I can’t even imagine, and being able to be consistent with that, he did two shows every week. I get tired doing one. I will give him all his flowers and his respect and all that stuff.”

Bayley Defeated “Michael Cole” On WWE SmackDown

The on-screen pair between the pair finally came to an end in late 2023 after a match before SmackDown went on the air.

In a video posted on Kayla Braxton’s Instagram, she dressed up as Cole in her singlet. Bayley, who was without makeup, was in the ring doing a promo while others in WWE were standing around ringside preparing for the show.

There wasn’t much of a match as “Michael Cole” fell to the mat and Bayley covered for the pinfall win.

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