Bayley Faces “Michael Cole” In Match Prior To WWE SmackDown (VIDEO)

bayley michael cole tattoo

The highly anticipated Bayley showdown with “Michael Cole” took place before WWE Smackdown in a funny video that needs to be seen.

When the “pandemic era” in WWE started in March 2020 and lasted for about 16 months, one of the rivalries that started was between Bayley and announcer Michael Cole.

It was basically a case of the heel Bayley realizing she didn’t have any fans to argue with at the WWE Performance Center and the ThunderDome, so she would often yell at Cole while he was calling the show. When the fans came back in July 2021, Bayley kept on doing it while teasing that she wanted a match with Cole.

Prior to last night’s WWE Smackdown event in Milwaukee, WWE announcer/host Kayla Braxton dressed up as Cole since Halloween is coming on Tuesday. If you follow Braxton on social media then you know she’s dressed up like WWE personalities in the past, so this year she went as Cole.

In a video posted on Kayla Braxton’s Instagram, she dressed up as Cole in her singlet. Bayley, who was without makeup, was in the ring doing a promo while others in WWE were standing around ringside preparing for the show. You can see people like WWE Chief Content Officer Triple and Smackdown GM Nick Aldis on the floor. Cole was already at his spot at ringside when Braxton came out and Cole was laughing about it.

There wasn’t much of a match as “Michael Cole” fell to the mat and Bayley covered for the pinfall win. Cole on commentary had some funny lines saying: “I don’t cower like that.”

Bayley will face Bianca Belair next Friday on WWE Smackdown

As for what’s really next for Bayley, that’s a match with Bianca Belair that will air next week on Smackdown.

It was a match that has already been taped because they taped next week’s show last night due to the fact that most of the roster will be heading to Saudi Arabia for Crown Jewel on November 4th. We have spoilers for the November 3rd episode of Smackdown right here as well.