Top WWE Raw Star Comments On New Tag Team

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Drew McIntyre appears to have officially joined forces with Matt Riddle.

On the latest edition of Raw, Riddle asked McIntyre to team up with him to take on the Viking Raiders. While he initially said he would only consider it if Riddle had no other option, he did end up in the match with the Original Bro later in the night.

The match saw the pair working well as a tandem, with McIntyre eventually being the one to put Erik away with a Claymore to secure their victory.

On commentary, Michael Cole jokingly suggested the name ‘The High-landers’ because of Riddles activities out of the ring. McIntyre might not have heard him, as he is now accepting team names on social media, indicating that the team-up wasn’t just a one-off.

“Now accepting team names”

Riddle is no stranger to mismatched tag teams, having seen much success when he persuaded Randy Orton to ally with him under the name ‘RK-Bro.’ The two captured the Raw Tag Team Championships twice, although their second reign was cut short when Orton had to take a leave of absence due to injury.

Drew McIntyre names dream WWE Hall of Famer opponent

Although he now seems to be heading into tag team action, Drew McIntyre is mostly known for his impressive singles career. When recently asked who his dream opponent would be, the Scottish Warrior named Bret Hart, saying The Hitman was his favourite when he was growing up.

“I’ll probably go with Bret Hart. He’s been my favorite growing up. He’s had that believable style, we’d do some cool stuff in there.”

He went on to explain that when he started wrestling, he was drawn to Hart’s psychology and the way he structured matches.

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the above transcription.