Drew McIntyre Discusses If He Is Interested In A Reduced Schedule

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After returning for his first PLE Match since WrestleMania 39, Drew McIntyre has responded to questions about his WWE future and the possibility of a lighter schedule.

Since challenging Gunther at last Month’s Money In The Bank Drew McIntyre has not been appearing regularly on Raw, leading to questions if this means he is working a reduced schedule.

Whilst McIntyre has been off TV, he has been fulfilling media duties for WWE and is not looking to slow down anytime soon, however, has not ruled out the possibility of a similar schedule to that of Roman Reigns in the future.

The Scottish Warrior was a guest on Stay Busy with Armon Sadler ahead of this weekend’s SummerSlam and stated that “It’s possible” that he could sign a deal to work fewer shows, but feels that fans missing a Superstar can be beneficial.

“The only way I would do that is if it was physically necessary. Right now, even though I might not be on every Raw or every live event, I’m busier than I’ve ever been with other stuff that is going on. Since I’ve come back, I’ve hit the ground running and been all over the place.

I know, in entertainment and this industry, you have to strike when the iron is hot and when opportunities are there. There are going to be peaks and valleys. How you deal with valleys is what defines you.

Even in the past year, I’ve been at the highest of highs, perhaps Clash at the Castle, but I knew we had to come down and there was going to be a low period. It’s how you deal with that knowing you’ll come back up if you work hard and give it your all and keep that belief. That led to a triple threat at Mania and the time off was necessary, but as a side effect, led to hopefully the fans missing McIntyre.”

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre Excited By Fan Response

Drew McIntyre would go on to discuss his recent break from competing, and his delight at the connection he has with fans who stood up for him amid rumors he was looking to leave WWE.

“All the stories that came out, the response everybody had to these stories, it was a good feeling and reminded me of the connection I built with a lot of fans who were standing up for me and wondering what was going on with my future. That was cool to see.

To return and get the responses that I’ve had since I returned and go right into this IC Title match is very exciting for me. I know, going forward, there is going to be a lot of fun, interesting, and different situations for me to get into.”

The former NXT Champion took some time away from WWE following defeat to Gunther at WrestleMania 39 which coincided with the sale of WWE to Endeavour and return to power for Vince McMahon.

Over the months following WrestleMania 39, stories were published questioning if McIntyre had asked for his release due to McMahon and that he may be refusing to appear on WWE programming.

But the Two-Time WWE Champion made a sensational return at July’s Money In The Bank, interrupting Gunther and laying the Intercontinental Champion out with a Claymore to the delight of the mainly British Crowd.

At the Money In The Bank Press Conference, Triple H shared that he and McIntyre communicated regularly and joked over the stories.

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