Drew McIntyre Wishes Match With GUNTHER Had More Time To Build

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Drew McIntyre is ecstatic to be wrestling GUNTHER at SummerSlam but worries that the match might suffer from a lack of build.

Although there has been a full month between McIntyre’s return to WWE at Money in the Bank and his scheduled title challenge against GUNTHER, McIntyre believes that there have been too few interactions between champion and challenger to truly build up this match.

The feud’s biggest moment came on the July 24th episode of RAW when McIntyre and GUNTHER brawled at ringside and McIntyre powerbombed the champion through a commentary table.

But while McIntyre believes that was a great moment, the feud should’ve had more follow-up. Unfortunately, he had other commitments this week that prevented him from confronting the champion again.

Because of that, McIntyre is trying his best to make sure fans don’t lose interest in the match over any perceived lack of regular build.

Drew McIntyre sees his match with GUNTHER as the equivalent of a movie monster fight

In an interview with Armon Sandler of Stay Busy, Drew McIntyre gave a tease of what fans can expect when he challenges for the Intercontinental Championship on Saturday.

“I know people are just excited of the idea of Gunther vs. Drew McIntyre. That’s helpful that people want to see the match to begin with.

You don’t have to build to make them want to see it. He needs an opponent that is a genuine threat. I need an opponent that is interesting and different and people want to see.

I wish we had a little more time to tell the story, but thankfully we’ve maximized the little time we’ve had with each other.

He is such a force right now, it doesn’t need much storytelling to tell King vs. Godzilla. I’ve been able to come back, have the moment where I put him through the table after he was so dominant and stand before him and let him know, ‘You may have been dominant with everyone else, but you’ve gotten a little bit big for your britches.

I’m Drew McIntyre, the same guy that has beaten Brock Lesnar, Randy Orton, and Goldberg and a list of opponents a mile long. You’re about to get a wake up call and you might not get to break Honky Tonk Man’s record because Drew McIntyre is looking for his moment with a title in front of fans.”

GUNTHER is currently recognized as the second-longest-reigning WWE Intercontinental Champion of all time. As of this writing he has been champion for 417 days and needs to hold it for another 38 days to surpass the Hony Tonk Man’s 454-day reign.

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