Top AEW Star Admits He Doesn’t Like CM Punk

cm punk aew arm

One of the biggest stars in AEW doesn’t seem to miss CM Punk working for the company.

After CM Punk debuted in All Elite Wrestling in August 2021, it was a big deal because it was his first time working in pro wrestling regularly in over seven years since departing WWE.

In CM Punk’s second AEW pay-per-view match, he defeated Eddie Kingston at Full Gear 2021. It was a match built up through some memorable promos where Punk took shots at Kingston while Kingston wasn’t afraid to fire back even though Punk was the more accomplished wrestler among the two men.

While that rivalry between Punk and Kingston went well for both guys, Punk’s tenure in AEW was tumultuous. After getting into a backstage fight in September 2022, Punk was back nearly a year later and another fight backstage led to Punk being fired in September 2023.

CM Punk returned to WWE two months after his AEW firing while Kingston ended 2023 as the Continental Crown Champion. At AEW Revolution, Kingston beat Bryan Danielson to retain his title while also earning a handshake from the American Dragon as a sign of respect.

During a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, Kingston made it clear he doesn’t like Punk and Punk doesn’t like him.

“That whole thing was reality, there’s your reality TV. I don’t like him and he don’t like me, that’s it. I don’t wish him good, I don’t wish him bad, I don’t give a f**k about the guy and that’s it. Even when he was part of our locker room, I didn’t give a f**k about him unless I had to fight him, just like he doesn’t care about me.”

“I’m not the hard a** here, he doesn’t give two s**ts about me either, and that’s it.”

Considering all the drama surrounding Punk’s run in AEW, it’s likely that many wrestlers in the company feel the same way.

CM Punk Making Appearance During WrestleMania 40 Weekend

Unfortunately for CM Punk, he tore his right triceps during January’s Royal Rumble event and won’t be in a match at WrestleMania 40 because he will be out of action for anywhere from six to eight months.

The good news for fans attending WrestleMania 40 is that CM Punk will appear at WWE World on Sunday, April 7th.