CM Punk Provides Update On How Long He’ll Be Out With Injury

CM Punk

CM Punk has provided a timeline for when he might be back in a WWE ring following a serious arm injury.

The WWE return of CM Punk at Survivor Series 2023 was something a lot of fans didn’t expect after he walked out of the company nearly ten years earlier.

While Punk did wrestle at two non-televised events to end 2023, his in-ring TV return was in the Royal Rumble match. Unfortunately for Punk, there was a spot in the match where he took Drew McIntyre’s Future Shock DDT and Punk’s right arm hit the mat hard. During that spot, Punk tore his right triceps.

Despite tearing his triceps during the match, Punk kept on wrestling in the match and finished as the runner up in the Royal Rumble to the eventual winner, Cody Rhodes.

On the next episode of WWE Raw on January 29th, Punk confirmed his injury and had surgery soon after. There was also a tease of a future storyline for Punk since Drew McIntyre bragged about injuring Punk and said he prayed for Punk to get injured as well.

CM Punk attended UFC 298 in Anaheim and spoke to Caroline Pearce of TNT Sports about how he was likely going to headline WrestleMania 40 in a rumored match against World Heavyweight Champion and how that won’t happen now.

“You know, fingers crossed, yeah, I was going to headline WrestleMania. Obviously, now I’m not. But, you know, it’s sports. It’s what happens to athletes. Mentally, I think it’s harder because the physical pain is whatever. But I look at it just like a bump in the road. This is an occupational hazard. It happens and I’ll be back bigger and better.”

How Long Will CM Punk Miss Due To Torn Triceps Injury?

A torn triceps injury is something that CM Punk knows well since he tore his left triceps in September 2022 when he worked for AEW and he returned to the ring after about nine months.

While speaking about his current injury, Punk provided a timeline of about six to eight months, which would mean a return in the summer at some point.

“I’m a clumsy idiot. I tore my left triceps about two years ago, so the right one was jealous. I’m like an old cobbler. car. I’m like a 72 Nova, you know what I mean? We have to change some parts every now and again. So once we fix up all the parts, the engine’s still strong, we’ll still be good to go.”

“We’re thinking maybe six to eight months, but I’m not really in a rush to get back to compete. I’m in a rush to get healthy. I’m in a rush to get better. The sooner I do that, the better I’ll be when I come back.”

CM Punk is 45 years old and is a former five-time WWE World Champion who remains one of the most popular wrestlers ever.

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