Tony Schiavone Reveals The Ultimate Warrior’s Heartless Treatment Of Former Assistant

Tony Schiavone Reveals The Ultimate Warrior's Heartless Treatment Of Former Assistant

Tony Schiavone disclosed a distressing incident involving The Ultimate Warrior’s mistreatment of a former WWE employee, Leisha Murphy.

On an episode of the What Happened When podcast, Schiavone recounted Murphy’s unfortunate and brief experience during her tenure as The Ultimate Warrior’s personal assistant. According to Schiavone, Warrior convinced Murphy to leave her position at Coliseum Videos in Connecticut and relocate to Arizona to work as his personal assistant. Despite Schiavone’s warning about Warrior’s unpredictable and explosive nature, Murphy decided to take the plunge. However, her dreams were shattered when Warrior terminated her employment on the very first day, leaving her emotionally devastated and in a precarious financial situation.

Leisha worked as my assistant in Coliseum Videos, and Leisha left the WWE to take a job to be Jim Hellwig’s personal assistant. I told her, ‘You know, he’s been known as kind of an at times irrational guy, an explosive guy.’ And she was going to pull up all of her stakes and go to Arizona to be in charge of him. And I told her, I said, ‘Leisha, you’re making a big mistake. You should stay where you are. Stay in Connecticut.’ She didn’t listen to me. She packed up all of her stuff, put it in a moving van, and got to Arizona. And as soon as she got there, he fired her.

Expressing his concern, Schiavone offered support by suggesting to send Murphy some money. Unfortunately, the aftermath of Murphy’s situation remains unknown to Schiavone, as he lost contact with her following the incident.

So, she called me and was crying. And sobbing. ‘What is she going to do? She doesn’t have a job. She’s out in Arizona. She has no money to get back,’ I offered to send her some money. And to be honest with you, I don’t know what happened to Leisha Murphy after that.

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