Tony Schiavone Discusses “Surreal” Time At AEW All In

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Tony Schiavone opened up about working the record-breaking AEW All In inside Wembley Stadium.

AEW All In was a massive success, taking place in front of a record-breaking crowd inside Wembley Stadium on August 27th. Speaking on What Happened When, AEW commentator Tony Schiavone admitted that while the experience of working the event was surreal, he treated it as business as usual while he was backstage.

“It was. But backstage, where my job is… I don’t want to downplay how big the event was because my god, and there’s been pictures put out there of me standing in the ring and the fans being so kind and so receptive and even singing my name. That’s what made it special. But to me, it was just another wrestling event. Does that make any sense to you?

“Backstage, we did the same thing. We went over stuff, we had our own different rooms, we had catering backstage. But then when we walked from backstage into the actual pitch itself, then we realized how monumental this event was. But backstage, where I spent most of my day, it was just like another wrestling show. But then when I walked out, it was unbelievable.”

“Yeah, It Was Surreal” – Tony Schiavone On AEW All In

Continuing, Schiavone said that not only was AEW All In a surreal experience, his entire time with All Elite Wrestling has been great.

“Yeah, it was surreal. This whole life that I’ve had for, it’ll be five years in August, this whole life that I’ve had with AEW has been surreal. Great fans. Great times, buddy. Now we gotta pick up on that momentum and keep momentum moving forward.”

h/t Fightful