Tony Khan Interested In Future Wrestling Promotion Acquisitions

Tony Khan

Tony Khan is open to owning and managing more than the two wrestling promotions he already owns.

With talk continuing over WWE’s future and the possibility of it being sold, many rumors have emerged over a potential buyer. One of these is Tony Khan, who, despite already owning and running two promotions, isn’t taking the possibility of adding a third one off the table.

Tony Khan has already stated that he’d be interested in being involved in WWE’s sale, while WWE’s Nick Khan stated that, as if earlier this month, the estimated timeframe for a sale going through and being finalized would be around “three months.”

Should Tony end up owner of WWE as well, he’d have an even bigger roster to deal with Between the male and female active roster lists of AEW, ROH, and WWE, there would be around 300 wrestlers to deal with.

With so much talent, one wonders how any one person would be able to manage. Anticipating such a question, Tony was interviewed by Bex & Buster to explain how he’d stay on top of three rosters/divisions without there being too much confusion.

“If I owned another wrestling company besides the two I already own, it would be very challenging, but I think we would want to maintain separate rosters just like I’ve tried to keep AEW and Ring of Honor to where there is crossover between the companies, but both have a strong pay-per-view business and AEW has great television.

Certainly, if there were other opportunities that arose in terms of acquisitions then I would certainly be interested in (them).”

Tony Khan’s current ownership situation is similar to that of Japanese company Bushiroad, which owns both New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) and STARDOM. The only major organization that owns more separate wrestling promotions/divisions is CyberFight, which is the parent company of DDT Pro-Wrestling, Ganbare Pro-Wrestling, Tokyo Joshi Pro-Wrestling, and Pro Wrestling NOAH.

h/t WrestleTalk for the transcription