Tony Khan Interested In Potential Involvement In WWE Sale

Tony Khan AEW

The subject of a WWE sale has been in the headlines since Vince McMahon’s shock return and now AEW’s Tony Khan says he’s interested in being involved in such a process.

Vince McMahon’s return to WWE at the beginning of 2023 set tongues wagging that a sale of WWE was in the works. Reports that the company was on the verge of being sold to the Saudia Arabia Public Investment Fund were called “completely false” by those in the company but they may have just proved premature.

WWE CEO Nick Khan recently explained that the sale process of WWE could be completed in as soon as three months and also noted that he believes Vince McMahon would step aside again if the best deal called for it.

Speaking on The Mark Hoke Show, AEW and Ring of Honor owner Tony Khan indicated he has no such notions about stepping aside when it comes to WWE’s sale and says he’s interested in being involved in such a process – although stops short of throwing his hat in the ring as a potential purchaser:

“I don’t know exactly what will happen there. I’ve been told, and I think they’ve said publicly, that there may be a sale process. If there is a sale process, certainly I’m interested in it and potentially being involved in it. We’ll have to see what that process is, and who exactly they’ll let get involved in it. Certainly, I’m interested in it very much.”

h/t Fightful