Tony Khan “Would Love” AEW To Land On MAX

tony khan aew promo

Tony Khan literally wants to take AEW programming to the Max.

Currently, AEW Plus on FITE TV is the only way that fans can watch every episode of programming that has been produced by All Elite Wrestling. Those without a subscription can only watch Dynamite, Rampage and Collision on demand from a few weeks back, with the oldest episode on the feed being removed each week.

Ahead of the landmark 200th episode of Dynamite, the first-ever episode was spotted on various streaming platforms in the United States, but this appeared to be a one-off to coincide with the celebrations as no further content was posted in the coming weeks.

Speaking with CNBC ahead of All In, Khan revealed that he is a big fan of the HBO platform, and would love to see the AEW library on the streaming platform:

“I think there’s a lot of great possibilities. You know, we have a streaming service overseas outside of America that is very successful with AEW Plus that’s doing great revenue and has seen major growth this year and has grown so much in just a few years and turned into one of the top wrestling subscription services that’s only available outside of America, which is the primary driver of revenue in pro wrestling, even though it’s available in 150 countries around the world. The international revenue is great, too. But frankly, America, the revenue you drive out of there is in many ways the strongest individual point certainly, and I think those US streaming rights are very valuable.

So potentially, we could land, I would love to be on MAX, and I think that would be an amazing thing. And MAX is certainly my favorite streaming platform and it is the streaming platform of my bosses at Warner Brothers Discovery, the people who carry AEW in the US, India, and many great territories. And I believe that together we can come up with something really special. But it was up to me. I would love to land on MAX, home of all my favorite shows.”

Tony Khan Touts Financial Success Of All In

The owner of All Elite Wrestling is just days away from presenting the history-making show inside Wembley Stadium on August 27th. In the same interview, Khan revealed that All In is making the company “a ton of money.”

H/t to Wrestling News