Tony Khan Teases Even More AEW Television

Tony Khan AEW

Following a huge AEW Revolution show on Sunday night, Tony Khan has suggested that the several hours of content that the company produces every week could be added to.

One thing AEW is not short of is content. Each week the company produces the 2-hour Dynamite, and the 1-hour Rampage, as well as filming matches for both Dark and Elevation that air on YouTube. In addition, Being The Elite falls under the company’s umbrella as does the magnificent Hey EW starring RJ City as he confuses different stars of the company every week.

Speaking at the post-Revolution media scrum, Tony Khan said he thinks there’s a demand for more AEW content and he thinks the company could fulfill that if the opportunity arose:

“I would love to have more hours of wrestling television. It’s great that we have AEW All Access, which is huge for the company and a big opportunity to get that real estate following Dynamite, and I think we’ll have a good audience flow from Dynamite into All Access, it was a lot of positive feedback about that announcement. I know the network is very excited about how much engagement there was about All Access.

“From a wrestling standpoint and trying to grow the roster and keep people hot when they get opportunities, it’s sometimes can be challenging for a couple of reasons. Three hours of television, injuries and things that have come up and changed circumstances.

“We absolutely have the capacity to do more and more TV if that opportunity presented itself and I think there is demand for it. I do think we definitely could, if called upon, we could definitely present more quality television with the roster we’re building.”

AEW is launching a new reality show called All Access and the premiere date for that show has also recently been revealed.

h/t Fightful