Tony Khan Has Tasted Blood & Wants More As He Suggests AEW Expansion

AEW President Tony Khan

Tony Khan is more than interested in expanding AEW.

AEW’s next TV deal has become a hot topic in recent weeks as it has been claimed that Tony Khan was “disappointed” with the current offer on the table from Warner Brothers Discovery, although this has since been disputed by sources in the promotion.

With AEW TV having aired in three-hour blocks several times in the last few months due to NBA and NHL playoffs, there has been talk that the next deal will see Dynamite or Collision making a permanent shift to air with an extra hour every week.

AEW President Tony Khan was recently asked about this possibility during an appearance on SHAK Wrestling. Khan admitted it was a challenging question as he would want to keep Dynamite “as strong as possible.”

“That’s a really challenging question. It’s been interesting to do the three-hour block when it’s been Dynamite and Rampage. You wanna keep Dynamite as strong as possible. Look at the history of what’s happened with a two-hour wrestling show when that show has expanded to three hours.”

Looking at the financial side, Khan believes it would be a lucrative opportunity. He is committed to at least five hours of TV a week, but says he could “easily be sold” on doing more.

“It’s interesting right now the most we get per hour for any of our TV shows is Dynamite. So in some ways you can say that would be a really lucrative opportunity. I think it’s a very interesting conversation to have about how many nights a week you allocate the programming. Is five hours the best? Should we do six? I mean I definitely wanna do at least five now. I’ve tasted blood and I want more. So I could easily be sold on doing more than five hours of programming.”

AEW TV Tapings Compared To 2019 WWE Under Tony Khan

The way Tony Khan runs AEW TV tapings has been compared to 2019 WWE under Vince McMahon. Khan has seemingly taken to keeping things under wraps until the day of each show and even switched up the script for Double or Nothing throughout the afternoon of the show.

This is reminiscent of the way McMahon would change his mind on a regular basis, although the disgraced WWE Chairman was known to change things up even as a show was on the air.

H/T to SEScoops for the above transcription.