AEW Dispute Claims Of Disappointment Over New TV Deal

Tony Khan AEW

AEW has countered a report that said Tony Khan has been left disappointed with Warner Brothers Discovery’s offer for TV rights.

Since AEW’s inception in 2019, Tony Khan’s company has become synonymous with Warner Brothers Discovery and their TNT and TBS stations. The synergy has been so strong that AEW introduced the TNT Championship just months into its partnership with WBD before later introducing the TBS Title.

But business is business and despite Warner Brothers Discovery being happy with Dynamite’s recent low rating, talks over a new TV deal for AEW might not be going as well as hoped.

Puck’s Matthew Belloni has reported that WBD CEO David Zaslav and TNT Sports head Luis Silberwasser want to keep AEW programming on TNT and TBS but AEW boss Tony Khan is said to be “disappointed” with the current offer from the media conglomerate.

The report notes that the two sides have an exclusivity period that ends in July with AEW able to shop around with other networks if no offer is concluded by then.

AEW Hit Back At Possible “Planted” Report

However, AEW has seemingly countered this claim. Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has reported that AEW sources have noted that the offer was not disappointing to Tony Khan but no deal has been struck yet.

It has also been noted by some online that some dark arts might have been at work with Belloni’s report as he has a long-standing relationship with WWE President Nick Khan. Khan has been a guest on Belloni’s podcast in the past with many believing the report on AEW could have been planted.