Tony Khan Comments On Rob Van Dam’s Future With AEW

Rob Van Dam in AEW

Tony Khan has revealed if Rob Van Dam could be seen in an AEW ring again.

Rob Van Dam stunned the wrestling world when Jerry Lynn introduced him to AEW to try and shut the mouth of FTW Champion Jack Perry. Perry has shown a new attitude in recent weeks and has run down ECW, the promotion where the FTW Title originated with Taz.

That led to a match between the WWE Hall of Famer and Jack Perry for the title on Dynamite in Columbus, Ohio. The match was held under FTW rules but Perry still took the low road as he nailed RVD below the belt before driving him face-first into a chair before a roll-up – complete with a handful of tights for the win.

Rob Van Dam’s appearance was not a one-off, however, as he returned to the company on the 23rd of September edition of Collision where he teamed with FTW Champion HOOK to defeat Angelo Parker and Matt Menard.

Tony Khan keeping the door open for Rob Van Dam

Speaking on the pre-WrestleDream media call, Tony Khan left the door open for Rob Van Dam to return to the ring in AEW whenever it makes sense to do so:

“RVD was a great part of it, the Michigan fans were very excited to see him, and he got a great reaction from a live arena, and the show did a great rating. I think he’s been here on a case-by-case, show-by-show basis. We loved having him, I would certainly be very open to Rob returning in the very near future.

“As we said when I saw him this past weekend, he’s doing a great job and we’d love to have him back. Great to have Rob here anytime when he’s available to do it and anytime it makes sense for everyone.”

The WWE Hall of Famer has already alluded to the fact that his appearance for AEW could have cost him bookings with WWE related to WrestleMania 40 which takes place in Philadelphia in 2024.

h/t WrestlingInc.