Rob Van Dam Explains Why Hardcore Championship Was One Of His Favorites

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Rob Van Dam feels that the Hardcore Championship allowed him to “express” himself and has called it one of his favorites to defend.

WWE added the Hardcore Championship in 1998 as part of the Attitude Era. Mick Foley was the first-ever Champion, working as Mankind, but by 2002 the company integrated it to be part of the Intercontinental Championship.

To add further excitement, a 24/7 rule was introduced which meant the Championship would be on the line anytime a WWE official was present.

Four-time Hardcore Champion Rob Van Dam as the final ever Champion and Mr Monday Night has opened up on how much it meant to him.

Speaking on his 1 Of A Kind podcast, RVD shared how he felt his reigns added credibility and also allowed him to showcase his talents during a time when WWE were implementing tighter guidelines for matches.

“That was one of my favorite championships to defend,”

“And it helped me adjusting to WWE, because when I was the hardcore representative, I was able to be myself within limitations. You know, within their guidelines and their time limit and whatever, but I was able to express myself in the way that RVD needs to be showcased, so that was really cool.

“I started making the belt mean something, adding prestige to it, credibility, which it didn’t have before. I mean, it was a joke. It was a joke.

I mean, a hardcore match before was going to the hotdog stand and squirting mustard all over each other. And pretty soon I’m main eventing the live events, and so they had to get rid of that belt.”

Rob Van Dam Is Hooked On AEW Collison

Last night saw Rob Van Dam return to compete on AEW as part of a tag team match on Collision. Last month RVD made his debut after Jack Perry had been critical of ECW.

This led to Jerry Lynn organizing a match between then FTW Champion Perry and Lynn’s former ECW colleague.

RVD teamed up with Hook to take on Matt Menard and Angelo Parker. The match saw Rob Van Dam secure the win after delivering his 5-star frog splash on Angelo Parker.

With Mr Monday Night working closely with the son of Taz, AEW are leaning on the history of ECW and this could lead to further Hardcore Legends appearing for Tony Khan’s company.

H/t to WrestlingInc