Tony Khan On Why Women’s Blood And Guts Match Was “Not A Feasible Idea” In 2023

tony khan aew promo suit

AEW President Tony Khan explained why there won’t be a women’s Blood and Guts match this year.

All Elite Wrestling’s annual Blood and Guts match is set to take place on the July 19th episode of Dynamite and will see the Golden Elite take on the Blackpool Combat Club, PAC, and Konosuke Takeshita.

With the men’s match being heavily promoted, fans were left wondering why there wouldn’t be a women’s edition of Blood and Guts, particularly when The Outcasts have found success as a faction in recent months.

Speaking in a media call ahead of ROH Death Before Dishonor, Tony Khan addressed the possibility of a women’s Blood and Guts match, citing Jamie Hayter’s recent injury as a reason the match couldn’t take place this year. He also said that with so many women competing in the Owen Hart Cup Tournament, the match would not have been feasible.

“It would have been an interesting idea, it could have been a great match. I definitely think Jamie Hayter’s injury, is probably a five-on-five there given some of the depth issues, and especially given Willow Nightingale just got back, and putting her in that kind of match after she had a major head injury in Japan, probably wouldn’t be very smart.

“We’ve had some other major injuries there, and when there was some fan momentum for that idea, I think the Outcasts vs. Jamie, Britt, and some others, was really running red hot and Jamie Hayter was a part of that. Some of the momentum for that, when Jamie Hayter was running hot as champion, was there, and I’m not sure at this moment, given some of the injuries we had, that was feasible.

“Also, with so many of the women competing this week in the Owen Hart Cup tournament, it is a very hard-hitting match and there is a lot of attrition for it. Santana still hasn’t been back from last year. The women’s division is pretty beat up, they’ve been beating the hell out of each other. Probably was not a feasible idea for them this year.”

h/t Fightful