Tony Khan On The Future Of AEW Live Events

Tony Khan

AEW CEO Tony Khan has discussed the possibility of the company producing live events and going on the road, and it could mean good news for fans.

Since the formation of AEW in early 2019, the company has only produced one non-televised live event entitled The House Always Wins back in April 2021.

Jeff Jarrett was brought into AEW in November 2022 and in addition to his on-screen role, the WWE Hall of Famer was also announced as the company’s new Director of Business Development, which sparked rumours that live events could be on Tony Khan’s agenda in the near future.

Now speaking on In The Zone, Tony Khan has confirmed that live events are something that the company is looking to produce in the future:

“Well, it’s a great question. Yeah, I have. That’s something we are talking about. We have a great live events team with Rafael Morffi, Chris Harrington, and a bunch of great people I work with. Now Jeff Jarrett has come in.”

“It’s something we’ve talked a lot about and building out the live event business. There is definitely a lot of demand for AEW live events, and now we have this big great strong roster that wants to do these live events, so I think that is something we’re going to do.”

Tony Khan also recently gave his thoughts on the biggest story in pro wrestling right now – the potential sale of WWE – with Khan saying that he’s following the situation “very closely.”