Tony Khan Names AEW’s Biggest Strength

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan breaks down why he thinks AEW is ahead of the competition.

Ever since it was launched back in 2019, the company has prided itself on giving performers more creative freedom than they’d get in WWE. This is especially true when it comes to promos.

While WWE has traditionally scripted promos, stars in AEW are often given only brief bullet points as a guide. However, things in WWE are believed to have relaxed since Triple H assumed creative control.

During a recent interview with Rick Ucchino and Tony Pike on Cincy 360, Khan was asked what makes AEW stand out from the competition.

“AEW, we have, what I believe is the most exciting matches and we have great stories happening. We really are a challenging brand. We’re fighting against an establishment and we’ve built a huge fanbase in a pretty quick time. People love the fast-paced exiting action, and the interviews.

In AEW, people really feel a connection with the wrestlers. We don’t script the interviews here. People go out, maybe they have bullet points and key pieces of information they are trying to get out, but it feels like you’re hearing a real person talk, which isn’t always the way it feels in some of the competition interviews.

That’s one major difference. Our biggest strength is the quality of our athletes and the charisma of our biggest stars. Some of the biggest names in wrestling are in AEW and there is a reason why big free agents want to come to AEW. This is where the best wrestle,”

Could Tony Khan Wrestle In AEW?

During the same interview, Tony Khan was asked whether he could step into the ring to try and get revenge on The Elite for their recent actions. While the AEW boss mostly laughed off the idea, saying the company wouldn’t be “where the best wrestle” if he laced up his boots, he did admit it was possible — although very unlikely.

It’s been announced that Kenny Omega will make an “important announcement” on Dynamite after being attacked by The Elite himself on May 1st.

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