Tony Khan Making Major Change To Landmark PPV

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan is ringing the changes.

To date, Forbidden Door has been a super-show hosted by AEW and New Japan Pro-Wrestling — but that could all be about to change.

Back in February, Tony Khan appeared overjoyed at Rossy Ogawa’s departure from his role as STARDOM President, sparking speculation that the AEW boss felt Ogawa was preventing talent from appearing at the cross-promotional show.

Interestingly, Khan posted a photo on social media with new President Taro Okada ahead of Dynamite Big Business which again got tongues wagging.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed the chatter is far from idle speculation. Meltzer noted that Forbidden Door in June 2024 will include wrestlers from STARDOM and CMLL who AEW have been working with in recent weeks.

There will be Stardom and CMLL wrestlers on the Forbidden Door show when they do that show in June.

So (Taro Okada) came in and that kind of explains, again, when Tony Khan tweeted those tweets about Rossy Ogawa. It was definite loyalty to Stardom and Rossy Ogawa was quitting Stardom, so that’s what is going on there.

Tony Khan Refuses To Comment On AEW Departure

While AEW has been firing on all cylinders in recent weeks, On March 8th it was reported that Kevin Kelly had been fired by the company.

The announcer had been with the company since June 2023, but it was reported that AEW grew frustrated with his outbursts on social media.

In the weeks since, Tony Khan has declined to comment on the firing.