Tony Khan Ignored Jack Perry Following CM Punk Incident

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan was in no mood to talk with Jack Perry following AEW All In.

At what was supposed to be the biggest event in AEW history, CM Punk was involved in a backstage fight with Jack Perry. The animosity between the pair had been brewing for weeks, and the situation exploded just moments before Punk was meant to walk out in front of packed Wembley Stadium to face Samoa Joe.

As a result of the incident which also involved Tony Khan, CM Punk was fired by the company, and Jack Perry disappeared from view. In fact, Perry didn’t make a wrestling appearance until early 2024 when he popped up in NJPW where he’s stayed.

According to Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, after being sent home from All In, Perry repeatedly texted Khan saying he was sorry, but the AEW boss didn’t respond. The silence was only broken when Perry heard from the company through lawyers.

Regarding Jack Perry, who has now been gone for seven months since the incident with CM Punk at Wembley Stadium and people thinking he’s been fired. He’s still under contract and obviously is working only for New Japan…

Tony Khan has never answered any questions regarding Perry. The way we’ve heard it, was that he was sent home after Wembley and never heard back from Khan. He apologized, kept texting him about he never meant to cause any trouble and was sorry. He did hear from the company through lawyers. Then they talked and he apologized to Khan.

But he still hasn’t been brought back. What they are doing now in Japan is storyline to lead to an eventual return

Tony Khan Tells Fans To Stay Tuned On Jack Perry

Despite claims that Tony Khan was still angry with Jack Perry regarding the incident, the AEW boss recently spoke in glowing terms about the star.

Khan said Perry was doing “great things” in Japan but refused to give any insight into when he might return to AEW.