Tony Khan Explains Why He Talks About WWE

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has admitted that part of the reason he talks about the competition in wrestling is because it was something he was advised to do.

Whilst most wouldn’t make reference to there being any product other than their own, AEW head honcho Tony Khan speaks about WWE on a regular basis. Whilst this surprises many, he has spoken of the logic why he does it, and who told him to do so.

In a discussion on Marc Moran’s podcast, Tony Khan opened up on being told by TBS that it was a good move to talk about WWE and other wrestling promotions, and also reiterated an analogy he has used for the company in the past.

For example, like a challenger brand, a good example, Pepsi is the new generation. Pepsi is a challenger brand, like AEW. And when I launched this, I was like, okay, I’d like to be the Pepsi of pro wrestling. Would you be interested in that? Everyone said yes.

Then they showed me a marketing deck about what it means to be a challenger brand. And the best examples they gave me were, like Burger King. What’s their marketing? A lot of it is like, hey, McDonald’s sucks, guys. So that’s when people ask, why I go out and talk about the competition in wrestling. I mean, that’s why. Because it was handed down on high to me from the Network.

One who has recently been using Tony Khan and AEW’s name is Kota Ibushi. The Japanese star has said he’d like to talk to the company, and Khan has discussed how he’d like to work with Ibushi.

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