Tony Khan Explains Backup for Recent AEW Debut

Tony Khan

Tony Khan has stated there was a plan B if they couldn’t use “Walk” by Pantera on AEW Dynamite.

The iconic heavy metal track played out through the arena to signal Rob Van Dam’s arrival in All Elite Wrestling. The use of the Pantera song continues the trend of AEW using licenced music for talent to make their entrances to, with Ruby Soho, HOOK and CM Punk being just some of the stars that have songs known outside of the wrestling world.

As is the case with licenced music, the fee to use a song on television can be substantial and is also down to permission from the artist. So what would have happened if Pantera said no?

Tony Khan was asked about the use of the Vulgar Display of Power track while being interviewed on the Battleground Podcast. The AEW President revealed that there was a backup track in place if “Walk” was not available, but is happy that he paid more:

“We did have a backup (song for RVD’s AEW stint) but it wouldn’t have been the same and that’s why I wanted to pay the extra and go the extra mile and get ‘Walk’ by Pantera. Pantera was great and worked with us and we worked out a reasonable deal.”

Kahn continued, revealing that the use of licenced music has to be an agreement on both sides, and some financial requests have been too much:

“I compare music licenses in wrestling to trades in pro sports. It’s like, you can do your best but, every trade is its own transaction. It has to be between at least two willing parties. It can’t just be one willing party in a trade and I think that’s very similar with music rights in wrestling.

“You have to reach a deal that’s fair for everybody and sometimes the value is in the eye of the beholder and sometimes people ask for money that I don’t think is reasonable.

Tony Khan Provides No Comment On CM Punk & Adam Page

The interview was conducted shortly after the series of events regarding CM Punk, Adam Page and multiple other talents in the company hit the headlines. Khan was asked if he would like to comment on any of the stories in the conversation, to which the CEO responded that he did not.

H/t to WrestleTalk