Tony Khan Names Storyline That Is “One Of The Great Success Stories In AEW History”

Tony Khan at Full Gear

Tony Khan has picked one storyline he feels has really hit the spot with the AEW fanbase.

There have been plenty of memorable stories and moments involving current AEW World Heavyweight Champion MJF in the company’s short history. However, in recent times he’s been somewhat forced in to a friendship with Adam Cole which has quickly bloomed.

After the pair wrestled to a time-limit draw on the 14th June edition of Dynamite, they were drawn as partners in the blind eliminator tag team tournament. Eventually winning the tournament and hitting the fated double clothesline, they came up just short in their championship match against FTR.

Why MJF And Adam Cole Resonates

In a discussion with the Orlando Sentinel, Tony Khan explained how the storyline has really connected with the fans.

You hope that it gets hot, but this has gotten red hot, and fans are so excited about it that it’s one of the great success stories in AEW’s history. It’s a story that may be relatable in some ways, fans may be living vicariously through it in other ways, but it’s great to see the whole world get behind this bromance between two dudes who nobody expected to see click quite like this.

On the 200th edition of Dynamite, MJF presented Adam Cole with a contract for a match for the AEW World Championship, which Cole signed and it was then confirmed that it will take place at All In inside Wembley Stadium. This is the first match announced for the show, which has already sold over 76,000 tickets and is on track to smash plenty of records.