Tony Khan Blasts Eric Bischoff After Fraud Podcast Ends

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan doesn’t take things lying down it seems as he blasted back at frequent AEW critic and WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff after the end of his podcast.

Eric Bischoff had featured on AEW television during the company’s early days but the relationship soon turned sour. Bischoff is known as one of AEW’s more vocal critics, taking aim at the company’s creative as well as its business on his two podcasts. But one of them is coming to an end.

Eric Bischoff’s podcast partner Jon Alba took to social media to reveal that their Strictly Business show which purports to analyse the business of pro wrestling was coming to an end.

Tony Khan Fires Back At Eric Bischoff

Tony Khan wasted little time in putting the boot into Bischoff claiming that it was a good idea that his “fraud business podcast” was ending:

Sunsetting this fraud of a business podcast before the next AEW media deal is a wise choice. #AEWDynamite

AEW is expected to sign a new rights deal for its TV shows in the near future with some debate over how lucrative any deal will be for the company.

WWE recently inked a massive $5 billion deal with Netflix and Tony Khan has admitted in the past he’d love for AEW to end up on a streaming platform. Whether that happens or not remains to be seen.