Tony Khan Distances Himself From Shane McMahon Speculation

Tony Khan AEW

It seems Tony Khan isn’t rushing to sign Shane McMahon.

The idea that a McMahon could land in AEW seems unthinkable on paper, but there were recent hints that it might not be impossible.

During an episode of the Grilling JR podcast, Conrad Thompson revealed Shane McMahon had reached out to someone on the AEW roster about appearing for the company. While the seriousness of the conversation remained in question, it seemed McMahon was at least intrigued by the possibility.

Meanwhile, Jim Ross had already said the idea of Shane McMahon in AEW is “so crazy it might work.”

McMahon has remained away from the wrestling industry since tearing his quadriceps in an impromptu match against The Miz at WrestleMania 39. Shane O’Mac’s injury forced Snoop Dogg to step into the action, hitting a People’s Elbow for the ages in the process.

Tony Khan Denies Speaking With Shane McMahon

Reporting in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer commented that no one in AEW management had heard of any contact between McMahon and the company. Meltzer added a comment from Tony Khan who said he’d never met with McMahon.

Tony Khan’s comment was “I’ve never met him or talked to him in my life.”

Meltzer noted he heard of a conversation between McMahon and an AEW talent, but it was a long way from the former WWE figure pitching for a job.

One person noted to us that there was a conversation between McMahon and an ex-WWE talent in AEW and it was described as not a pitch to get in or anything, just two people chatting when McMahon said something to the effect of can you imagine if I walked out there on Dynamite?, not as if he was pitching anything.

They said it wasn’t serious and that would explain why no key people in AEW had even heard of it before Thompson talked about it. Thompson didn’t talk about it seriously as if it would happen either, just that he had knowledge of the conversation.

While Shane remains away from wrestling, and Vince McMahon left WWE in disgrace, Stephanie McMahon has returned to the industry. Stephanie has made several on-screen appearances since being shown on camera at the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony.