Tony Khan Declines To Comment On CM Punk Claims

Tony Khan (left) and CM Punk (right)

Tony Khan is keeping quiet on CM Punk.

On April 2nd, CM Punk gave an explosive interview with Ariel Helwani where he discussed not only his return to WWE but his highly acrimonious departure from AEW. In the interview, Punk denied he punched Jack Perry backstage at All In, instead commenting that he “choked someone a little bit.” The incident eventually led to him being fired by Tony Khan.

CM Punk also hit back at suggestions he made Tony Khan fear for his life during the same altercation. As well as delivering several other shots at his former employer.

During a media call ahead of ROH Supercard of Honor, Jim Varsallone of the Miami Herald asked Khan if he had any thoughts on Punk’s comments.

“I’d prefer not to talk about that. I’d really rather focus on the card and Supercard of Honor, but thanks for asking. I do appreciate you asking, and there’s plenty of interesting things we can talk about here,”

CM Punk Says AEW Isn’t A Real Business

During his interview with Helwani, CM Punk claimed AEW isn’t a “real business” and “the guys” didn’t want him there. The star said the company was very different from the vision he was sold when he agreed to become All Elite.

Punk added that AEW is more focused on delivering five-star matches instead of drawing money and selling tickets.

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